Why do architects and builders choose Wilson?
Whether it’s an aviation hangar, a commercial project or a high-end residence, you will find peace of mind knowing you’re partnering with an award-winning door company with the practical experience, manufacturing prowess and professional credentials to get the job done.

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Comprehensive Assistance
Wilson provides technical assistance to architects, spec writers, engineers and contractors - including consultation, custom drawings, cad details and product specifications.

Professional taking notes
Professional Designers and Engineers
Wilson's degreed and licensed Mechanical Engineers and Application Specialists are on staff to provide direct selection, planning, and design assistance.

Structural framework
Structural Analysis Assistance
Wilson utilizes Rapid Interactive Structural Analysis software (RISA) to ensure all doors are engineered thoroughly and properly for each application.

Code compliant design
Complete Code Compliance
Wilson doors are designed and engineered to comply with universally-recognized International Building Codes (IBC 2006). As a standard practice, our doors meet IBC 2006 90 mph, Exposure C, Factor 1.0. The fact is we’ve designed and built doors for wind loads up to 250 mph. Whatever the door, we'll build it for code compliance.

Door assembly
Certified Assemblers and Fabricators
Our fabricators are just that, FABRICATORS. They are fluent in reading blueprints and custom fitting and fabricating door systems. Not simply welding metal to metal. They are certified—having passed rigorous testing requirements.

Finished Door
Partners in Architecture
Wilson works with every customer as a partner, with the promise to bring a higher level of design expertise, engineering skills and a longer product life cycle to every project.